Thursday, October 23, 2008

One of the Country's Best Sandwich Places

According to the August 2008 issue of Bon Appetit magazine the market 2 blocks from my apartment is the #10 best sandwich shop in the United States.

Jake and I go to Gateway Market all of the time, mainly because of it's location and the variety of items that we can't find in chain stores. I admit to stopping there for breakfast and paying an extreme $5 for a bagel and coffee (shame on me--that's not in the budget) but I had never had a sandwich there; after reading the article I HAD to try one. I opted for the beef brisket and chuck burger and Jake had the slider sampler.

Ther verdict: The burger was good but not great. I asked for it cooked medium and it came well done ( I really do not enjoy well-done beef). The flavor was so-so and didn't have any outstanding qualities. I will admit the price wasn't bad and will go back for a second try; it may have been an off day. For the best burger in Des Moines I suggest Francie's in South Des Moines.

Jake's slider sampler was quite good. We particularly enjoyed the lobster shrimp roll.

Have any of you readers enjoyed an extraordinary burger somewhere? Please share. I love burgers!


  1. Thanks for posting that article! The #4 place is one we've been meaning to get to so this gives me even more reason to go soon!

    I'm sorry you had kind of a disappointing experience there... that's too bad. I've been to SO many good burger places... there are a ton here in the Twin Cities. My personal fave is The Nook in St. Paul - if you are ever nearby definitely check it out!

  2. Number 5 happens to be within walking distance from my apartment, but I've never been there...their prices are actually kind of high for a sandwich place.

    Now for burgers, some of the best I've had are the seam burgers at Sunset Cantina in Boston, right near BU. They also have awesome nachos and fabulous margaritas! Oh, and sweet potato fries!