Sunday, February 8, 2009

Being a Nurse

My beloved husband had an accident this weekend. While snowboarding in Iowa (yes, in I said in Iowa) on a small ski hill he fell and broke his arm, a clean snap all the way through. The poor dude is in a full arm splint and in quite a bit of pain. This is where you realize marriage is quite wonderful even when things are looking a little down. I've enjoyed playing nurse; wrapping his splint, bathing him (we laughed for about 10 minutes straight during this), buying him the first two seasons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and cooking him a yummy meal. He visits an othapaedic surgeon on Tuesday where he will get a cast (which I heard goes quite well with suits).
For dinner this evening I wanted to use bok choy so I made a stir-fry that was inspired by this recipe on Cuisine Nie. Lots of bok choy, mushrooms, red peppers, and tofu served over brown rice. HEALTHY, HEALTHY, HEALTHY!

I really enjoyed this meal except that I suck at cooking tofu. I've yet to master frying it and this time was no different. In the pic below things aren't looking too bad...yet.

However, once added to the veggies my tofu fell apart into tiny little pieces and made the stir-fry a little mushy. I think I'm gonna stick to baking tofu unless one of you as some good advice for me.


  1. Aw poor Jake, hoping for a speedy recovery and some good pain killers for him!

  2. Aww Jakeasaurus :( Feel better soon!

    RE: tofu - I think the heat has something to do w/panfrying tofu - too high = it breaks? Of course I've only cooked w/it a handful of times myself. Was it well-drained?

  3. You & I haven't cooked tofu together in so long, I couldn't remember whether you press your tofu before, to get the liquid out. I press it between paper towels. Perhaps too, you could fry it up then remove it before doing your veggies, then add it back for a quick heat through & seasoning?