Monday, February 23, 2009

Texas, Y'all

The beautiful River Walk in San Antonio. Every city with a river should have something like this.
El Mercado. I so wish I would've bought one of the dogs. How great of a conversation piece would that have been?!

Dancing in the oldest dance hall in Texas located in Gruene (the cutest little Texas town)
Outside of a great pottery store in Gruene. I bought a clay bird there.

The restaurants in Texas are all big and decorated with all sorts of great stuff.

Someday when I have lots of money saved I'm going to open a restaurant like the one above; antique store/restaurant.
More of the antique store/restaurant. Everything in this pic is for sale(except the table)

A Texas sirloin. YUMMY. Obviously, my SUPERfoods diet was not sustained on my trip to Texas.


  1. I will definitely be one of your first customers if you open that restaurant!!! I loved the rooster :)

    BTW, we might be heading to Missouri instead of Wyoming ;)

  2. Oh how fun, seriously!! Please tell me you had some Mexican food while you were there!!

  3. What happened to Jake's arm???

  4. Tag your it; go to my blog to see what to do!

    p.s. I love looking at your food, it always looks soooo good! :)